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Storemwater Drainage System Inspection & Maintenance in Greater Riverside, CT

Not sure what your municipality requires for stormwater system maintenance? We can help!

Like with any utility, a stormwater drainage system needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is operational and efficient. This is why your local municipality provides a Stormwater Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plan that explains what is required of you in order to maintain your stormwater system.

If you're confused about what is expected of you, Connecticut Stormwater Authority can help you understand. Contact us to learn more. We proudly serve Connecticut homeowners in Riverside, Greenwich, Stamford, and nearby.

Required stormwater drainage system maintenance

Stormwater drainage maintenance in Greenwich, CT

Regular maintenance will ensure your system is operating efficiently.

Not sure of what kind of stormwater system maintenance will be expected of you? Here are some abridged requirements Connecticut Stormwater Authority universally sees with most municipalities:

  1. Owners shall retain the services of qualified inspectors and maintenance providers to operate and ensure the maintenance of the stormwater system
  2. If the homeowner does not keep up maintenance on the stormwater system, the town is authorized, but not required, to service the stormwater system. The town may then levy all associated costs of inspections, maintenance, repairs, and associated fees against the owner(s).
  3. System and components should be inspected and serviced a minimum twice a year, once just before Winter and once during Spring cleanup.
  4. If present, maintenance should include the servicing of the following:
        • Catch basins & drainage inlets
        • Storm drainage piping & manhole/junction boxes
        • Stormwater control structures
        • Hydrodynamic separators
        • Drainage outfalls/splash pads/level spreaders
        • Bioretention basins/rain gardens
        • Drywells/stormwater chambers
        • Porous pavement
        • Gravel pavement
        • Vegetative roof
        • Rain gutter system
        • Groundwater pump system
        • Stormwater pump system
  1. Owner(s) must maintain all records, including logs, reports, invoices, data, etc, and have them readily available to present at all times

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Maintaining your stormwater system can be tough - but it doesn't have to be! Connecticut Stormwater Authority makes the stormwater system maintenance process stress-free. We help you understand what your municipality expects of you and what it takes to keep your system running smoothly.

To learn more, schedule a free stormwater system estimate today. We service Connecticut homeowners in Riverside, Greenwich, Stamford, and areas nearby.

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