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Your Local Stormwater Experts, 'Connecticut Stormwater Authority' happily serves Westport and surrounding areas. We're the guys you call when your experiencing yard flooding, water pooling in driveways, yards, rain gardens and other areas. We happily service underground drains and stormwater chambers. Trust in your local Stormwater Professionals, CT Stormwater Authority in Westport, CT. Your local stormwater flooding solution.

Customer Reviews from Westport
Rachel L from Westport, CT

Aug 7th, 2021
Were so glad we ended up choosing Connecticut Stormwater Authority for our Stormwater Chamber Installation and regular maintenance of the system. Stacy, Frank and the whole team are very well trained to get the job done right. Thank you for all the hard work CT Stormwater Authority!
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CULTEC Stormwater System Installation in Westport, CT

CULTEC Stormwater System Installation by CT Stormwater Authority LLC in Westport, CT. Control the water runoff on your property by installing a stormwater system and prevent costly repairs around the corner without one.
October 17, 2019

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CULTEC Stormwater System Installation Westport, CT

Installing CULTEC filters on a stormwater system in Westport, CT.
August 20, 2020

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CULTEC Stormwater System in Westport, CT

What does a CULTEC Stormwater System Look Like? This is a residential installation in Westport, Connecticut. The process requires careful digging and then the assembly of a stormwater system using a variety of components from high quality geotextile fabric liner, to property set conveyance pipe manifolds and an overflow as well as washed stone at a specific size. The blue chambers hold water and then allow it to infiltrate back into the earth once storm conditions subside.
July 7, 2020

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French Drain System in Westport, CT

CT Stormwater Authority, LLC Remedies Drainage System in Westport, CT This modern home design involved oversized roof scuppers to drain all of the rain water from the main roof which happens to be flat. The design did not incorporate rain gutters or downspouts and as a result, rain water projects off of the roof scuppers and falls onto the lawn driving rain into the foundation. The solution we derived to maintain the design integrity of the home was to plot a French drain system to collect water at the foundation and send it away to a drywell situated downhill. Much of the complexity of the job was due to impossible access with machinery, the heavy slope of the property and hidden rock below grade. The home owner and their trusted landscaper will be installing a top quality artificial turf to follow our project completion.
June 29, 2020

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Completed Stormwater System in Westport, CT

Are you worried about what your lawn would look like after having a Cultec Stormwater System installed at your residence? Have no fear, Connecticut Stormwater Authority is here to professionally restore your lawn after a Cultec Stormwater System Installation.
June 12, 2020

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