Drainage Systems Installation & Maintenance Service in Redding, CT

For peak protection of your property from water damage, whether its from simply pipe leaks or from storm or rainwater during a natural hazard, you need the best drainage system available in the market and you need to get a certified company licensed to adequately install and maintain the drainage system for your property.

At CT Stormwater Authority LLC, our team is CULTEC certified and CULTEC's drainage systems and stormwater protection drainage systems are the best in the market. Call CT Stormwater Authority LLC at 203-884-0307 for experienced installation and maintenance services of CULTEC's drainage systems. Our team are available 24/7, call us now for a free of cost estimate suited to your specific budget.

Advantages of a High Standard Drainage System

  • Protection from erosion: A good drainage system minimizes soil erosion by mitigating water accumulation around your property, controlling the amount of moisture content in the soil around your property.
  • Foundation protection: During heavy rainfall or full blown natural disasters, a good drainage system stops standing water, keeping water accumulation away from your property and cancelling chances of water seepage into the base of your property protecting the foundation
  • Structural damage protection: During storms a good drainage system or a full fledged storm protection drainage system protects your property from structural damage caused by water damage, by carrying the water in and away from the property.
  • Pollutants protection: During heavy rainfall, a property is prone to accumulation of muddy water, a good drainage system protects your property from the accumulation of this polluted water. 

To Get the Best Drainage System for Your Property Call CT Stormwater Authority LLC 

Our team have been providing nationally acclaimed quality of installation and maintenance services for CULTEC's drainage systems and storm water protection drainage systems in Redding. Our team has held the acclaimed quality of their work in this line of service for over two decades. Call us at 203-884-0307 or reach us at our contact us page here.   

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November 17, 2022 | Redding, CT

Catch Basin has reached its maximum capacity, we used our Vacuum Truck to restore the Catch Basin, it can now handle more stormwater and will not overflow.

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