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A storm is one of the most potent natural disaster, in terms of property damage both indoors and outdoors. Flooding from storm water can render families temporarily homeless and further wreak havoc on the rest of the neighborhood without timely help from an experienced and knowledgeable company.

A high quality underground drainage system installed by a certified team acts as a first line of defense towards storm water to pass away from your property, protecting its foundation and the rest of the property from water damage.

At CT Stormwater Authority LLC we have a team of CULTEC certified installers. CULTEC's stormwater drainage systems are the best in the industry. Call us at 203-884-0307 to prep your property for storm water protection today. 

Services Offered by CT Stormwater Authority LLC

  • Drainage design/build: We offer custom designs for storm protection drainage services optimized for the specific property we are working on. 
  • Drainage installation: We offer drainage installation services for both commercial and residential properties. Ground drain cleaning: We offer thorough cleaning services for ground drainage systems. 
  • Drainage inspection: We offer drainage system inspection and maintenance services. 
  • Yard drains: We provide yard drain installations, protecting your property's foundation from water damage caused by standing water during heavy rainfall.
  • Catch basin cleaning: We provide catch basin cleaning, keeping the yard, backyard patio and foundation of your property protected from water damage. We provide yearly maintenance for your catch basin. 

For Installing and Maintaining the Drainage Systems Contact CT Stormwater Authority LLC 

At CT Stormwater Authority LLC our CULTEC certified team are licensed to provide you the best drainage system and storm water protection drainage system, in the market for your property. We also possess over two decades of experience in this line of installation and maintenance services. Contact CT Stormwater Authority LLC at our contact us page here, for a free of cost budget estimate for booking our services.  

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CT Stormwater Authority Associations
CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider
Qualified Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (QPSWPPP)
State of Connecticut Licensed Home Improvement Contractor
CULTEC Certified Installer
NDS Certified Contractor