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In addition to keeping your system running properly, regular inspections by our stormwater experts here at 'Connecticut Stormwater Authority', can allow you to budget for future maintenance and possible failure. If you are looking for stormwater installation, stormwater and drain inspection or repair in Greenwich, call 'Connecticut Stormwater Authority' today.


Why do I need yard drains in Greenwich? Yard Drainage Explained:

During a rainstorm the gutters will catch all the rainwater from your roof and carry it down to the ground. If your home does not have extensions or underground drains (yard drains), the water will begin ponding next to your home. Over time this water can penetrate your foundation, undermine stairs and patios and cause major damage. Many times, wet basements can be resolved by fixing a broken rain gutter, adding underground drains, or preventing rain water overflow in the gutters.

Gutters draining into high traffic areas such as walkways and driveways often cause slipping injuries. The solution is to take the downspouts underground and away from the high traffic areas. In some cases we even re-route the gutters and downspouts to a different area of the home and then bring them underground to avoid digging up driveways and walkways.

Properly maintaining and regularly servicing stormwater management systems is often required to meet regulations – and just as importantly – so they will work as they were designed.

Stormwater or ‘drain’ maintenance is the final step in ensuring the systems you’ve installed will function properly for years to come so that harmful pollutants are removed from stormwater before it flows back into our water sources. Excessive sedimentation, clogged inlets and outlets, compacted soil, and more can lead to overflows that are harmful to water quality. This can negate the original intent of the stormwater management project. Poor or no maintenance can lead to fines and distrust from the surrounding community like Greenwich and Westchester County.


Inspecting & Maintaining Underground Stormwater System in Greenwich, CT

 Storm Flooding & Water Damage Service Professionals in Greenwich: CT Stormwater Authority


Storm and flood damage can be devastating. Immediate action is needed, and you need the company with storm damage experience. Connecticut Stormwater Authority has the expertise and the resources to handle any size disaster and can respond immediately to storm and flooding conditions in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and surrounding areas.


Customer Reviews from Greenwich
Anar . from Greenwich, CT

Sep 15th, 2021
Wonderful company. Would recommend for stormwater issues
Paula S. from Greenwich, CT

Sep 8th, 2021
Fantastic drain service company
Stacie R. from Greenwich, CT

Sep 4th, 2021
This company helped relieve our stress due to the water damage from this most recent rain storm. So thankful for the entire staff and Frank for getting the water out of our basement and walking us through the entire insurance claim process. Highly recommend
Sashaa R. from Greenwich, CT

Aug 26th, 2021
It was a relief having CT Stormwater Authority manage and inspect our stormwater system here In Greenwich. Knowing they are a locally owned company who live in-town was a plus. Thank You CT Stormwater Authority!
Jerry W. from Greenwich, CT

Aug 10th, 2021
True Professionals.
Completed Jobs from Greenwich
Inspecting Underground Drain Line in Greenwich, CT Greenwich CULTEC System Inspection
February 5, 2021
We inspected all underground drain lines for damage and or obstructions, along with hydro jetting to clear the drains clean for optimal flow and proper functionality of the underground system. Are you looking for a Stormwater Maintenance and Underground Drain Line Company? Call CT Stormwater Authority Today!
Before and After Job Photos from Greenwich

Camera Drainage Pipe Inspection in Greenwich, CT

When we perform a drainage pipe inspection, we can determine the source of the problem with out any digging around. A CT Stormwater inspector will evaluate the condition of the drainage pipe, typically old drainage pipes can be crushed over time by the soil above it but you never know what is the culprit of an unresponsive drainage pipe until you truly get a clear point of view!
June 28, 2022

Before Photos
After Photos

Catch Basin Vacuum Cleaning in Greenwich, CT

With this vacuum trailer, we are able to professionally clean and empty basins and trench drains. The only way to truly inspect a structure for damage is to empty it! This piece of equipment liquifies all debris and quickly vacuums the liquids out.
June 20, 2022

Before Photos
After Photos

Stormwater System in Greenwich, CT

Our chambers can tackle a high capacity of storm water, these open bottom chambers provide greater storage and much higher infiltrative capability than conventional pipe and stone systems.
June 2, 2022

Before Photos
After Photos

Footing Drains & Pump Chamber in Greenwich, CT

The basement of this home kept getting flooded during heavy rain fall, we excavated around the home to expose the foundation and addressed the source of the problem, we then installed footing drains and our very own CT stormwater pump chamber.
May 27, 2022

Before Photos
After Photos

Residential Drainage System in Greenwich, CT

On this project we are installing a gallery of CULTEC 330XLHD chambers. This drainage system will tackle all types of storm water to ensure no flooding or water damage to the property. We have opened a massive trench for the chambers that will allow them to inject storm water back into the earth to ensure a clean and pristine system, we also are using a geo tech fabric to keep any roots or unwanted objects entering our systems.
May 12, 2022

Before Photos
After Photos
Photo Galleries from Greenwich

This property is a block off of Lake Ave. and close to downtown Greenwich. The property was overtaken by surface runoff during Hurricane Ida in the summer of 2021. The driveway's catch basins all feed concrete detention chambers below the driveway and completely filled the chambers faster than they could infiltrate and drain. Additionally, a basement walkout was not outfitted with proper drainage and so the area collected an incredible amount of water during the storm, overtaking the door threshold. The solutions we executed on were to (1) drain the patio area completely during any water event and (2) create a dual pump system housed inside a new pump chamber situated above the detention chambers to empty the underground detention chambers when they reach a set water depth.

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This home was flooded in the summer of 2021 during Hurricane Ida. The home took one surface runoff that overcame a window well and a footing drain, both of which sent the water into the finished basement. We engineered a solution involving a pump chamber and dual pumps (for redundancy), surface yard drains, offsetting roof drainage by sending it into our new system, and reworking the drain in the window well to send water to our system instead of the footing drain.

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This home is on Cat Rock Rd. in the Cos Cob section of Greenwich, CT. This property was constantly wet after rain events. The lawn was constantly pooling water and sending it up against the house. Upon inspection, we found the drainage system to be faulty in a number of ways. We discovered, cracked pipes and fittings, yard drains that were connected to nothing, clogged pipes and components and an inaccessible main line that required us to tap the pipe to send in our jetting equipment.

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This home is on Riversville Rd in the Glenville section of Greenwich. It's an antique and has many unique features, including its drainage system around the property. We inspected and jetted all drain lines and catch basins, and even cleared out a long, snaking makeshift culvert uphill from the home on a hillside to keep everything in working order. These Greenwich drains are now in prime working order.

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This home was attacked by surface runoff during Hurricane Ida from adjacent properties. We created 4 new features to divert water, collect water and send water around and away from the detached garage and the house. Modifying or installing Greenwich drains systems require adherence to local stormwater ordinances and we take special care to keep clients compliant.

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