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Stormwater Drainage Experts in Riverside, CT

CULTEC stormwater drainage system installation in Riverside, CT

If you own a large commercial or residential property then you likely know just how problematic a serious storm can be. All that excess water can easily cause problems from parking lot flooding to a wet basement. Luckily there is a solution.

CULTEC is the founder of plastic chamber technology and their stormwater management solutions remain some of the best available. As the only “CULTEC Certified Installer” in Connecticut, we can install one of these systems on your property. We have well over a decade of experience and our team is managed by HAAG certified engineers. Our engineer, or yours, can design the perfect stormwater drainage management systems based on your needs. We even offer comprehensive warranties and the CULTEC Certified Operations and Maintenance Plan (COMP) with all new installation.

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Keep your property safe with regular inspections

While CULTEC produces some of the best stormwater management systems around, no stormwater drainage system is a set it and forget it solution. Due to the very nature of stormwater management, it is inevitable that silt, leaves, and other forms of debris will get into the system and, if ignored, cause clogging. That’s why many municipalities actually require that your stormwater management systems are regularly inspected.

While that might sound intimidating, the process is quite simple when your work with Connecticut Stormwater Authority. Here’s what you need to know about our process:

  • We inspect the entirety of the system including inlets, catch basins, rain gardens, and more.
  • We use drain cameras and take extensive field notes so everything is recorded.
  • Our team can jet the line with high-pressure water jetters if there is clogging.
  • Our engineer reviews all data after the inspection is complete. He will personally visit the property if there is any uncertainty with the report.
  • The engineer will create a compliant maintenance log, inspection report, and send it to the municipality so you have your requirements satisfied and are 100% compliant.

Connecticut Stormwater Authority is also a “CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider” and we offer an operation and maintenance plan with new installation. Whether you need a CULTEC stormwater management system inspected, maintained, retrofitted, or installed, Connecticut Stormwater Authority is here to help. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Riverside, CT!

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