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Reliable Stormwater Management Systems for Commercial Properties

Connecticut Stormwater Authority proudly offers commercial stormwater drainage system installation in association with CULTEC Inc. We work closely with CULTEC to bring you the highest quality and effective rainwater drainage systems. We have been given the “CULTEC Certified Installer” and “CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider” designations for our professional alliance of service

Together with CULTEC’s state-of-the-art product line and our quality installation and maintenance, we provide the best-in-class stormwater management systems. We also retrofit existing systems, which may include installing inspection portals and filtration units, which prevent leaves and debris from clogging outflow systems and piping.

Our Specialized Stormwater Drainage Systems are Available For

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Retail Facilities
Our Specialized Stormwater Drainage Systems

CULTEC Drainage System Installation & Maintenance for Commercial Industries

Installation of a new stormwater drainage system is an extensive process and requires a professional touch. Connecticut Stormwater Authority has been installing and maintaining drainage systems for almost two decades. We are the most experienced and skillful when it comes to rainwater drainage systems, earning us our name as the “CULTEC Certified Installer” & "NDS Certified Drainage Contractor".

Connecticut Stormwater Authority offers detailed drainage inspection and maintenance services to ensure your drainage system is running seamlessly. Municipalities have all created Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans replete with "Operation and Maintenance Logs”. The municipalities made it mandatory that detailed inspections must be completed twice per year by an experienced stormwater drainage system professional and once every 5 years the inspections must be completed by a professional engineer who will need to document the inspection with a formal report.

CULTEC Drainage System Installation

CT Stormwater Authority’s CULTEC Drainage System Services

  • Maintenance
  • Retrofits
  • New Installs
  • Inspections
Drainage System Services

Contact Connecticut Stormwater Authority for a Custom-Designed Drainage System

Every industry and property is built differently and thus requires a different approach to address the drainage problem. Connecticut Stormwater Authority LLC has more almost two decades of experience and can resolute the best strategy for your property. Our authentic CULTEC drainage systems are available for installation in Harrison, Greenwich, Riverside, Montrose, and more nearby cities in our Connecticut service area. 

Give us a call at 203-884-0307 when you need help to maintain your stormwater drainage system or want to install a new one. We also retrofit old stormwater drainage systems across Connecticut.

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CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider
Qualified Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (QPSWPPP)
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CULTEC Certified Installer
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