Catch Basin Drains Installation in Riverside & Stamford, CT

A catch basin drain is used for collecting drain water from your home, office, or streets and directs it to local waterways through an underground pipe or drainage ditches. At Connecticut Stormwater Authority we provide catch basin drain installation service since 2003.

We are very well-known as a “CULTEC Certified Installer” and “CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider ”. We offer services for both residential and commercial places with the warranty of the best service and best materials. Call 203-884-0307 to get our drainage service or click here for more information.

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Benefits of Choosing Catch Basin Drains

  • Improves landscaping
  • Movies water away from your house or office
  • Increases resale value of your property
  • Easy to install
  • Requires less maintenance and cleaning

How We Install Catch Basin?

While installing catch basin drains, we follow be procedures_

  • Planing:
    Project success depends on calculating catch basin and water pipe sizes. First, we assess your water-flowing system and your need. Then we plan how and where to install a catch basin drain so that it becomes beneficial for you.

  • Excavation
    After designing we trench the catch basins and pipelines. These drain systems will quickly drain water, so they don't need to be below the frost level. We'll place the collect basin at the yard's low areas which are deep enough to accommodate a gravel base.

  • Installation
    To ensure proper water flow, we level the catch basins on a compact, solid surface.
    We place it lower than the ground to prevent water from pooling around the edges and pouring under the drains and damaging the soil. To avoid standing water in drain pipes, we install them with a perfect way to channel water in the desired direction.


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Whenever you need a catch basin drain installation service, choose none other than Connecticut Stormwater Authority. Currently, we are serving in Riverside, Greenwich, Fairfield, Stamford, and other towns within our Connecticut service area.

We also provide area drain installation, french drain installation, drainage system cleaning, etc services. So call now at 203-884-0307 to get quality catch basin drain installation and other drainage services from us. Get a free estimation now!

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