Area Drains Installation in Riverside & Greenwich, CT

When you are thinking about an indoor drain system, an area drain is the best option. It is used for external purposes as well. These drains are designed to collect water that runs off of roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets when it rains or snows too much. This drain keeps your home safe and healthy by removing excess water from your home and protecting it from basement flooding. But the thing is you need experts for installing the area drain.

No need to worry. At Connecticut Stormwater Authority, we are proud to have achieved status as contractors who have earned the "CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider" and "CULTEC Certified Installer" designations. We provide quality area drain installation services with a warranty to our clients. For getting assistance with the area drain, or other drainage systems, please contact us at 203-884-0307 or click here to know more.

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Why Do People Choose Area Drains?

Area drains offer various sizes to fulfill your drainage needs(connection sizes and lengths). Its grates and Oldcastle infrastructure frames prevent debris from entering the drain. It is durable and sturdy. The installation process of the area drain is quite simple and customization is available.


Installation Process of Area Drain at Connecticut Stormwater Authority

Our well-trained and qualified technicians follow some steps while installing area drains at your home or office.

  • First, we plan the location where the area drains need to be installed by assessing your property’s water-flowing system.
  • The next step is to dig the trench, after which we line it with filter fabric.
  • After that, we start pouring the gravel bedding and carefully hooking up the pipe connections.
  • Afterward, we placed the pipe drain in the trench and covered it with the gavel and the filter cloth.
  • The final step is to backfill the area with topsoil.

By following those steps we install area drains in such a way that you don't have to worry about frequent cleaning and maintenance of it.


Confide in Connecticut Stormwater Authority for Area Drain Installation Services

Our top-notch area drain installation service is available in Riverside, Greenwich, Stamford, Fairfield, and nearby towns in Connecticut. We also offer french drain installation, catch basin drain installationdrainage system inspection, and cleaning services. Contact us anytime at 203-884-0307 to get our services or assistance. Schedule a free estimation now by clicking here.


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