Area Drain Installation in Fairfield & Stamford, CT

Area drains, familiar from from their grate tops, are ideal for external drainage. They collect runoff from roofs, sidewalks, parking lots, streets, sloped yards, driveways, diverting water away from areas where it can pool or pond near a foundation or basement.

CT Stormwater Authority has installed or repaired superior, professional area drains and other drainage systems since 2003. We have proven ourselves as a CULTEC Certified Installer and CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider for customers in StamfordFairfield, Riverside, Greenwich, and throughout our CT and NY counties service area.

For the most reliable, effective area drain installation, inspection, or cleaning, call CT Stormwater Authority at 203-884-0307 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with one of our representatives.

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Why Area Drains By CT Stormwater Authority?

Area drains by CT Stormwater Authority are available in various connection sizes and lengths to fulfill your property's drainage needs, surfaces, and more. Our area drain grates and Oldcastle infrastructure frames prevent debris from entering your drain, as well as being sturdy and long-lasting.

They resists corrosion, clean and maintain easily, and perform effectively. The installation process of your area drain is relatively easy and customizable for your preferences or requirements.

Installed area drain in Riverside & Greenwich, CT

Area Drain Installation Process By CT Stormwater

At CT Stormwater Authority, our skilled, certified technicians install area drains using the following process:

  • Assess, plan, and execute your drain's location to check for maximum effectiveness
  • Excavate trench, line with water-filtering fabric
  • Apply gravel bedding and carefully connect channel pipes or lines
  • Place drain pipe in trench, cover with gravel and filter fabric
  • Backfill gapped areas with topsoil, install area drain grates

Trust CT Stormwater Authority For Exceptional Area Drain Installation in New Rochelle, CT

CT Stormwater Authority provides superior area drain installation in Stamford, Fairfield, Riverside, Greenwich, and throughout our CT and NY counties service area. We also provide French drain installation, catch basin drain installationdrainage system inspectiondrain system cleaning, and more. Call CT Stormwater Authority today at 203-884-0307 or contact us online to book an appointment with one of our team members.

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