Types of Drainage Systems in Riverside & Greenwich, CT

Drainage systems use channels or ditches to remove excess water, stormwater, or wastewater from your residential or commercial places. Connecticut Stormwater Authority provides superior drainage system installation service since 2003. We have proven ourselves as "CULTEC Certified Installer" and "CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider".

We provide quality drainage services in Riverside, Greenwich, Stamford,Fairfield, and nearby towns in Connecticut. Whenever you want reliable drainage system installation, inspection, or cleaning services, call 203-884-0307 or click here.

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Common Types of Drainage Systems

There are many types of the drainage system. We offer the following drainage option to our clients__

  • Area Drains

    The purpose of an area drain is to collect stormwater and rainwater that flows off of surfaces like rooftops, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. It has a variety of size options available to fit different connection sizes and locations.

  • Catch Basin Drains

    A catch basin drainage system is primarily designed for landscaping systems. This maintains proper drainage function and keeps dirt from accumulating in the drain line. Thus it prevents the drains from getting clogged or blocked.

  • French Drains

    French drains are trenches dug into the ground in low areas of the yard. The trench is filled with a perforated pipe covered with water-permeable fabric and many layers of stone or gravel.

  • Channel Drains

    Channel drain is mainly designed to remove surface water from a selective area. This reduces flooding and overflow. These drains also manage water flow by lowering system stress.

  • Slope Drains

    Slope drains directly discharge surface runoff or groundwater into a stilling aquifer, trap, or zone. Earth dikes and drainage ditches are used with slope drains to intercept surface runoff from cut or filled slopes.


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One should choose a drainage system wisely for his home or office. By consulting with you, and by understating your need, we can recommend the best suitable drainage system for you.

Connecticut Stormwater Authority is here to assist you with your CULTEC stormwater drainage system needs. Contact us immediately at 203-884-0307 or click here to arrange a free estimate for our services.

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