Drainage Installation Process across Fairfield County, CT 

The CULTEC drainage installation from CT Stormwater is carried out by CULTEC Certified Installers. Our drainage installation process is hassle-free and executed with state-of-the-art equipment. Through the process, you will get a complete and functional stormwater drainage system on your property.

CULTEC drainage systems are an innovative and effective way to manage stormwater runoff on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our installation process for CULTEC stormwater drainage systems is designed to be simple and efficient, allowing for quick and easy installation. Also, we have a close link to CULTEC, the company that invented plastic stormwater chamber technology. So whenever you need drainage installation in Riverside, Stamford, Greenwich, or other service areas across Fairfield County, Connecticut, make the wise decision and call CT Stormwater at 203-884-0307.

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The Steps We Follow for Your Drainage Installation

The following is an overview of our drainage installation process:

  • Site preparation: Before installing a CULTEC stormwater drainage system, the site must be properly prepared. This includes clearing any vegetation or debris, leveling the ground, and ensuring adequate drainage away from the area.
  • Excavation: The next step is to excavate the area where the drainage system will be installed. The depth of the excavation will depend on the size of the system and the local groundwater conditions.
  • Installation of geotextile fabric: Once the excavation is complete, a layer of geotextile fabric is laid down over the bottom and sides of the excavation. This fabric helps to filter out any sediment or debris that may enter the system.
  • Installation of CULTEC chambers: The CULTEC chambers are then installed in the excavation. The chambers are laid out in a pattern that maximizes the available space and ensures proper water flow.
  • Connection of chambers: The chambers are connected using the provided connectors, which allow for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Backfilling: Once the chambers are installed and connected, the area is backfilled with clean stone or gravel. This backfill provides additional filtration and support for the system.
  • Covering: Finally, the system is covered with additional geotextile fabric and then backfilled with topsoil. This helps to protect the system from damage and allows for easy access for future maintenance.

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Since 2003, CT Stormwater has offered suitable drainage options while offering cost-effective drainage design and installation. A stormwater drainage system is an excellent investment that requires proper maintenance. We also offer a CULTEC Certified Operations and Maintenance Plan (COMP) and extended warranties on our work. Contact us at 203-884-0307 or reach us online for more information.

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