Job completed for Drainage System in Darien, CT

Completion date: December 14, 2021

Location: Darien, CT

About this project:

This Darien home flooded twice in the summer of 2021 from a tropical storm followed by Hurricane Ida. The beautiful finished basement space took on a lot of water. Upon inspection, we discovered issues with the footing drain around the foundation. It was only sending water into the house to a sump pit, it had a pipe break and there was a floor drain at the base of a massive stairwell that also poorly introduced water into the footing drain.

We quickly went to work designing a new series of elements for our system to fix the footing drain, reduce the water being sent into it and "save" the window at the window well and the door at the base of the stairs by setting new drains and rerouting all that water to a proper pump chamber. The pump chamber we built houses two heavy duty cast iron 1HP sewer pumps wired behind the home's generator. The pumps push water in two separate pressurized lines to a small CULTEC gallery of 330XLHD chambers. From there, all overflow exits the system by way of gravity and exits to daylight in the original overflow pipe set downhill.

Before Photos:

trenching for CULTECs
trenching for CULTECs

After Photos:

CULTEC system exposed before backfilling
CULTEC system exposed before backfilling

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